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Guesthouse Elsa is a luxury guesthouse with two big double rooms and one fabulous suite. It is in a quiet place close to Bessastadir ( the residence of the Icelandic president ), with a beautiful view over Reykjavik. Surrounded by beautiful nature close to the sea, with small lakes and rich birdlife nearby. Only 20 minutes drive from Reykjavik town centre.


Guesthouse Elsa  
Tel: Send your request to:
(+ 354) 5650966   (home Elsa)
(+ 354) 8998666   (gsm/mobile Elsa)
(+ 354) 8931913   (gsm/mobile Sif)

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Guesthouse Elsa, Fálkastígur 4    225 Reykjavík/Álftanes   Iceland.   tel: + 354 5650966   email: guesthouseelsa@internet.is

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