This work deals with the need for optimism in choosing and forming one’s own environment.

The participant decides his course. He travels to a place of his own choosing and sets up the mirrors so that reflections and other effects of the environment are to his liking. He thus makes a selection from his surroundings. Each mirror reads its own space and time and together they make a visual totality which is dependent upon changes in the environment and the movements of the participant.

Necessary baggage on a spiritual journey.

A label with the following instructions is enclosed in a transparent pocket on one side of the carrying case:

PORTABLE SUNBEAMS 7 rays of optimism with supporting stakes


1 Use a mallet to drive the stakes approx. 20 cm into the ground.*

2 Slide the canvas tubes on the back of the glass over the tops of the stakes.

3 Rotate the glasses until you have obtained positive reflections.

* Stony ground may require further preparation.