Here we have staked out the ever-changing, captured the viewpoint of the moment, taken places from their places.
Each unit of the work consists of 3 posts and twelve pictures, four on each post. Photographs were taken from the same position in four compass bearings with a 90° interval and at 3 vertical angles. The base is aligned with the original compass bearings, thereby keeping the visual information in its original relative context.
The posts are monuments to the moment; the beholder fills in the gaps and stakes out his own world. What we register on our stakes depends on how we construe our world and our need to conserve and relive certain points in time and space. to travel, stake out the world and find a stopping point is a method of surviving, a search for the self in a coherent context, a common range of experience.

amongst the moments my way winds
marked with images

somewhere time is silenced
voids cry out

some time bearings beckon
I find my place