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January 5.


after being spotted at a charity event in Virginia


Lady Miss KierLady Miss Kier

Lady Miss Kier was spotted by TMZ at a charity event in Virginia and got a favorable review/coverage under the headline; “Lady Miss Kier of DEEE-LITE! Memba Her!?”  Then thy show pictures of her her then and now and the comment was that she still looked deee-georgeous. There was also rumour on another site a few weeks ago that our fabulous girl has had some work done on her eyes. One thing is for sure though she’s in much better shape these days than in the last three years.  She looks just as delicious as in the Deee-Lite days. More mature but just as delicious and delectable. 


Click HERE! To view the TMZ version


January 3.


Hopefully she will agree to an exclusive interview for the site

I am now in the process of contacting Lady Kier in the hope she will grant us an interview. Many of her fans, including myself have been interested in her as a person and we all have several questions we woulod like to know about our leading lady. If you have questions you want to ask her please take part in this and forward your questions HERE!

This interview is for the fans and us who want to get to know her a little better. No question is off limits but I will select as many as I can without having her have to answer repeatative questions. Please dont ask “when is your solo album coming out” because that question will definately be asked.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

I will let you guys know as soon as I get word back from her.

Others on our list to hopefully interview:

Towa tei

Dimitry Brill

Bootsy Collins

Robin Lobe

Zhana Saunders

Barbara Tucker

Gary Mudbone Cooper

The original dancers from the first “club tour”

and many others



December 15


Compensation Available!




Did you ever go to a Deee-Lite gig a tape the show or do you own a proffessionally done video. We are gathering a large collection of rare appearances from Their world tours and club gigs, interviews and whatever is avaialable. This stuff should be gahered for the fans. Any format will do, we can convert PAL, NTSC, it doesn’t matter, DVD-R, VHS, BetaCam, DVC,DigiBeta. We can play anything. I work for a televisio9n station in Europe and this has been my dream for a long time  to do a documentary exclusively on Deee-Lite and Bootsy collins. We can also trade rare stuff and gigs that we have. This will off course be trading between two non commercial private parties.  E-Mail us HERE!


December 10

Now we are doing some serious updating and adding new pages. I simply havent had the time in the last few weeks but in no time at all this will ne the best fucking Deee-Lite site you guys  hvae ever seen. More photos to come. We just uploaded some Live audio files from a 1990 gig in Boston anhd I’ve been scanning and transcribing magazine articles. I believe I have them all.



August 28, 2008.

Lady Kier has just uploaded some videos to her youtube channel HERE! From the brilliant Stockholm Live performance. It was a hoot! She looked incredible and her voice was amazing. She performed live, new funky versions of many old Deee-lite classics like “Groove Is in The Heart “ and “Who Was That” and some of her new stuff as well. Check it out!  

August 23, 2008.

Lady Miss Kier will be performing , again, at a special gathering at the notorious Trannyshack in San Francisco on August 23. She will co host the legendery “Kiss Off Party” and appear with Lady Bunny, Justin Bond and Anna Matronic. She wiill be performing as well.. For more info check this out HERE!

August 1, 2008.

Lady Miss Kier will traveling through Europe with a backup team and band as well as doing some dj sets. She is set to perform in Stockholm, Sweeden, where she has plasued several times in the past, both with and without Deee-Lite. This time in in Stockholms Fredagsvallen in Pride Park as part of the Sweedish 2008 Gay pride celebration. This will go down on August 1st.. The Stockholm EuroPride as it is called over there takes place between July 28 and August 3..


June 10, 2008.

Lady Kier will be performing at the Portland, Oregon, Gay Pride festival on June 14. This will be a special performance because she will perform mostly new stuff and will be backed by a LIVE band. She has used backing tapes and live vocals/ background vocals and dancers in past gigs. This should be interesting! If anyone manages to tape this or see it let us know. E-MAIL us if you want to share it with other fans


June 10, 2008.

Towa Tei has compiled a new album titled “Motivation 7: Compiled By DJ Towa Tei” packed with tunes from various artists and DJ’s and including his new single A.O.R. featuring Lina Ohta. Click HERE to get the album.

Click HERE to visit Towa’s website.



Dmitry today, in Germany.....



June 1, 2008.

Check out Dmitry’s new band The Leap where he collaborates with the German Berliner tech wizard Haze. They describe their music ranging from reggae, dub, tech-house and electronica. They have released new tunes on their MySpace page which are absolutely brilliant. Dmitry lives and works as a musician and DJ in Berlin, Germany where he is a sought after DJ and music collaborator.

Click HERE for the band]s page.



May 28, 2008.

Funky funk legend Bootsy Collins (P-Funk, James Brown, Deee-Lite) recently produced an exclusive, original theme song for 2K Sports’ Don King Presents: Prizefighter, due in stores June 10.

Click HERE!





















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