Summer 2008

The Reykjavik Accordion Festival thanks Icelandair for supporting the 2003 festival


Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2008

The Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2008 will be held July 20th 2008 at the Reykjavík City Museum. This website will be updated as soon as we have more information on guests and program. For more information contact Jónatan Karlsson


The General Agency is proud to announce the release of an official CD featuring all performers of The International Reykjavik Accordion Festival 2003.
The CD was released on July 18th 2003.
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International Accordion Festival
Brief History

This festival is designed to provide an opportunity for accordion enthusiasts to meet their colleagues and present the accordion and accordion music to the public. One goal is to offer as varied a program as possible so that people can see and hear this instrument played in as many different ways as possible. The instrument has been played in Iceland for generations and is an important part of the musical heritage of the nation. In recent years, the instrument's popularity has increased as more people are learning to play and the instrument is used in con- temporary and traditional music. The great number of women playing the instrument is another positive sign of the times.


The picture is taken in the center of Reykjavik at the
Accordion Festival in year 2000.

During the weekend, accordionists perform on various locations in Reykjavik. Numerous concerts feature artists from Iceland and abroad.
The goal is to offer as various a program as possible and to offer the people of Reykjavik and guests to see this unique instrument used in as many different ways as possible.


Ingi Karlsson, with Norwegian accordionplayers Arnstein Johansen and Sverre Cornelius Lund, at the Reykjavik Accordion Festival.

If you are a performing accordion player or represent an accordion band/orchestra, send in a few lines about yourself along with a picture (preferably giving a performance). If you have released a CD or MC, the organizers would prefer to receive a copy for evaluation and promotion
in Iceland.

The promoters have very good contact with local media so all performing artists will be very well represented before and during the festival.

There is an opportunity to buy and sell instruments. New accordions
are made to specification in Italy-so orders need to be placed in good advance. According to the organizers, the price of accordions is extremely favourable in Iceland. If you have inquiries on new accordions or equipment to sell, send information and photos to the organizers. The Reykjavik Accordion Festival is a very inexpensive choice for accordion enthusiasts travelling between Europe and USA (stopover).

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